Webflow integration

This documentation is intended to help with the implementation of Internal Links modules in existing Webflow CMS using Graphite's Internal Links API.

Graphite's Internal Links API integration with Webflow

We maintain an integration application that runs a periodic job that will push the Graphite Internal Links API's data to Webflow. This integration updates Internal Links via Webflow reference/multi-reference fields.

Implementation checklist

  • Design the module
  • Build the module
  • Connect the Graphite Internal Links API to Webflow
  • Configure the integration
  • Launch the API

Requirements to get started

  • Webflow API key token (legacy v1 API)
    • shared with our team via secured method
  • Access to Webflow account as designer or guest

Getting started

  1. Design and approve the Internal Links module for Webflow
  2. The Graphite team will work with you to build the module on your Webflow instance


We have a two different options for connecting to Webflow:

  1. Connect through Webflow multi-reference fields inside of the article collection

    1. This is the ideal and recommended approach when working with one set of pages (i.e. article to article page connections)

  2. Connect through Webflow CMS collections and reference fields


Graphite will need to collect some basic information that will enable our API to work with the Webflow instance to complete the integration

  1. Sitemap or list of URLs to include in the internal linking module
  2. API Key with read/write access
    API Key to Webflow with read/write access
  3. Collection name
  4. Item IDs


Once the integration has been completed Graphite will run the first job to test that everything is working as planned

We crawl live articles to get elements from the pages, the API grabs these elements and populates the internal link section with related articles based on what we crawled:

  • Article title
  • Article URL (most important)
  • Image (if available)
  • Category (if available)
  • Read time (if available)
  • Date (if available)
  • Contents of page